Course Program

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    A Decision and a Vision

    • Choosing a One-Pointed Focus

    • Holding the Vision of Your Desired End Result

    • A Moment of Self Reflection

  • 3

    Quick Relief Practices

    • What to Try First...

    • Tapping for Anxiety Relief

    • Hand Positions that Calm the Nervous System

    • Tapping Into a Safe Feeling

    • A Stress-Relieving Acupressure Point

    • A Longer Self-Soothing Practice

    • A Moment of Self Reflection

  • 4

    A Daily Routine for Cultivating Resilience and Maintaining Balance

    • When you wake up...

    • Before you arrive somewhere...

    • When you begin to feel uncomfortable...

    • When you're in an unpleasant conversation...

    • Any time - How to guide your thoughts to feel how you wish to feel

    • When you feel the need to soothe your energy...

    • When you feel the need to activate the vagus nerve...

    • When you're going to sleep...

    • A Moment of Self Reflection

  • 5

    Additional Practices

    • Logic - Based Intentions

    • The 9 Gamut Process

    • A 9 Gamut Tap with Intentions

    • A Soothing Finger Hold Exercise

  • 6

    Final Thoughts / What Ties It All Together

    • Being in an Atmosphere for Success

    • 123 - Harmony: Anchor It In

    • Next steps you can take, if desired...

    • Before you go...

Additional Material, Optional

This workbook may be helpful if you would like more practice being in a better-feeling place or aligning your energy with your true desires. It provides an in-depth journey of self-discovery in every area of your life, including your relationship with yourself and those you love.


Founder of Wish*More Wellness

Susan Balogh

Susan Balogh is a holistic healing and happiness coach, author, and speaker who has a passion for helping others cultivate a deep connection with their natural born energy and effortlessly align with their desires. In doing so, any pain or struggle may appear to magically fade away on its own. With a desire for a higher level of wellbeing for herself and others, she sought training for over 20 years in many healing modalities. She is from Western New York, but travels the country in her custom RV to provide donation-based teaching. She is a certified happiness coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Qi Gong instructor, and EFT coach. For more information visit